Igloo Junior; open since 1987!

Our story is about a river, humble, yet confidently following its own path.
Starting as a tiny trickle of water, quietly making its way over the glacier and slowly but surely creating a beautiful white ribbon across nature. With great determination, the trickle transformed from a stream into the river it is today.

Igloo Junior was created with great passion for:

  • Children
  • Passion pour les relations humaines
  • Human relations
  • Mountains and skiing
  • The village where I was born and the place I find difficult to leave for any length of time.

The adventure began on 17 December 1987, and grew so quickly that I had to move into a bigger shop in the same street. Dominique Comby joined me in 1992 and we have worked together for 25 years to make this small business a success.

We have always loved welcoming customers; giving advice and helping them choose quality clothing. I would like to thank all of our loyal customers who have shopped with us over the years from the bottom of my heart.

Both Swiss and International customers have enriched my inquisitive mind. Meeting and talking to lots of people from all over the world has been rewarding. It goes without saying that I will never forget my neighbours and my Swiss customers who have always put their trust in me. More and more often I find myself giving advice to young mothers and fathers who I clothed when they were children themselves. And so, it is time to hand over to my niece, Mélanie Jacquemettaz, who is more than ready to take the reins. Mélanie, welcome to Igloo Junior and I wish you every success.

Léonie Burtin