With a range of over 30 labels our boutique provides everything for your child. We offer the best and most up to date fashion and sports clothing.

All our winter sports clothing is extremely waterproof. We work exclusively with labels that provide 10 000 Schmerber* so that your children can make the most of winter sports.

*Schmerber measures the resistance of a fabric to water pressure, measured in millimetres. Conforming to the standard, DIN 61539, clothing that resists the pressure of a 1300 mm column of water, is waterproof.


8848 Altitude was created in 1990 when the equipment for the first successful Swedish accent of Mount Everest – the highest mountain in the world with an altitude of 8848 metres - was designed. Since then, 8848 Altitude has developed performance clothing for skiers and other outdoor sports around the world.

Why have we chosen 8848 ?
Altitude is popular because each collection offers a wide range of styles and colours. Choose any style from free-style to alpine. Very high quality for the champions of tomorrow.


Dany Sebright set up his new business, Poivre Blanc, in Marseille. The story began with fun, colourful, original t-shirts and sweatshirts with sporty logos. Since 1989 the design of the ski clothes has always followed the latest trends without compromising on the technicalities. They also have thermals and fleeces. Women and juniors love the fitted cut. The whole winter collection offers a wide range of bright colours. For children, the jacket is ideal for going to school.

Why have we chosen Poivre blanc ?
An Igloo Junior classic, we have been selling Poivre Blanc ever since the shop opened. Everyone still loves it and the ski pants are perfectly sized for children. The colours and embroidered badges are suitable for children from 6 months up to 16 years old.


Moncler was created close to the French Alps by René Ramillon and André Vincent in 1952. Owners of a sleeping bag and mountain tent company, the two associates designed the first goose down clothing followed by a whole collection of warm outdoor clothing. In 1968 they became suppliers to the French Alpine Ski team. However, it was four years later that the first coloured nylon Moncler down jacket was promoted by ELLE magazine. Today the Italian label, Moncler, continues to be successful and dresses everyone of all ages in stylish down jackets.

Why have we chosen Moncler ?
It needs no introduction. Moncler is a pioneer of winter sports fashion; stylish, warm, outstanding quality, with a grown-up cut children will love. From ski suits to coats with fur collars, there is something for everyone. Moncler also offers a wide range of fashionable summer and winter clothing.


Since 1952, Fusalp ski clothing has symbolised French elegance with an unparalleled silhouette, a style as slender as it is sporty. Ski jackets, thin ski sweaters, Fusalp is proof that you can have performance and comfort without sacrificing on style and cut.

Why have we chosen Fusalp ?
Originating not far from here, from the town of Annecy, Fusalp is the epitome of French elegance. The ski suits are the same for children as they are for adults, so you can even have fun and dress like mum and dad!


Montura originates from the Italian fashion world and was created in 1998 with mountains in mind. Using their knowledge of mountain sports, they design innovative, ergonomic and reliable mountain clothing and footwear. The stitching, the pockets, the fabric, every detail plays an essential part in being functional whilst allowing for maximum comfort.

Why have we chosen Montura ?
For everyone who loves mountain sports, Montura provides durable, warm and comfortable clothing for skiing, running, hiking or anyone on the move. Walking trousers, t-shirts, running skirts and shorts, are all available in quick dry fabrics.


Created in 1969, the Quiksilver group (Roxy and DC) was designed for surfing. The wide range of children’s clothing is durable and fit for anything budding adventurers or pros in the making might get up to, without compromising on the style.

Why have we chosen Quiksilver, Roxy, DC ?
The Quiksilver group is, without a doubt, fun and suits everyone. From ski suits, sweaters, jogging bottoms, to cool and trendy swimwear, the Quiksilver group (Roxy,DC) brings the fun to your wardrobe. Each year Roxy, Quiksilver and DC offer a wide range of ski clothing, beachwear and everyday clothes in incredibly soft fabrics.


Reima is for those who love to move; for those moments that make a difference, for all those exciting challenges both outdoors and indoors. Reima inspires children to grow with a joy that can only lead to changing their lives and ours. It’s the path that we have taken since 1944, dedicated to the children of the world, inspired by them and the love of movement.

Why have we chosen Reima ?
We love the Reima one piece for children up to 6 years of age. But that’s not all; they also have a wide range of accessories (gloves, hats, scarves, etc.).


For the last 35 years, Catimini’s great sense of adventure has set the tone for children’s fashion. A kaleidoscope of colours inspiring travel and an appreciation of other cultures, the original clothing makes way for everyone’s own personality. Skirts, sweaters, trousers, t-shirts, coats, swimwear, summer and winter clothing, accessories…Season after season, the French label shows off its exciting collections for the curious, active children of today.

Why have we chosen Catimini ?
A favourite with 0 to 10 year olds thanks to their irresistible, colourful collections. With different designs, every article of clothing can be coordinated. Never-ending fun with Catimini.


Created in 2010 by Mathieu et Nicolas Gourdikian from Marseille, Jott is the new generation down jacket. JOTT is playful, active and unites every generation looking for comfort and style: warm (90% duvet, 10% feathers), light (215 grams on average), and comfortable (silky nylon, breathable, water resistant).

Practical and light, JOTT jackets roll up and pack away into their own little pocket in the blink of an eye. Carry them with you wherever you go so you’re never caught out: in your scooter storage box, glove compartment, handbag, school bag or briefcase, anywhere. With around 22 new colours each season, JOTT down jackets are perfect for everyone.

Why have we chosen JOTT ?
There’s no contest, Jott is one of the best down jackets available, between seasons or for après-ski. With various fits and different colours, there is a huge choice for children.


Woolrich is the oldest brand of outdoor clothing from the US and is a world leader in its field. Comfortable, durable, resistant, warm and simple have been the key words for Woolrich for the last 186 years.

Why have we chosen Woolrich ?
New to Igloo Junior, we love the Woolrich parkas. With or without its fur collar, they are hardwearing and water resistant. A must for après ski.


Timberland is for freedom-seeking adventurers in durable, quality fabrics: cotton, denim or wool. Modern and fashionable, Timberland’s collection is environmentally friendly, functional and comfortable.

Why have we chosen Timberland ?
Who says there’s never anything for boys? Timberland is our range exclusively for boys from 1 month to 16 years old. Jogging bottoms and trousers, shirts and t-shirts, there’s something for all our adventurers, even for school.

Oscar Valentine

My first cashmere! From your mummy’s tummy to a nest of feathers; only one step to cashmere. Nothing is softer or warmer or more natural. In fact, cashmere is said to be heat regulating, appearing light in summer and thicker in winter, it reacts to body temperature. Like a second skin, a source of well-being.

Why have we chosen Oscar and Valentine?
We love the incredible high quality of cashmere. Cashmere is completely natural, soft, light, warm and the ultimate in comfort. Try it under your ski clothes…

Armani Junior

Photography, medicine, fashion design… after an extraordinary career history, Giorgio Armani launched his eponymous label in 1975 with elegance in mind. The Italian designer, synonymous with craftsmanship, style and sophisticated design, is easily identifyable and the revolutionary Armani jacket put the brand at the top. Armani Junior continues this clever and subtle mix of fine materials and inspirational, refined cuts to dress your little ones in the children's collection which will satisfy even the most demanding.

Why have we chosen Armani Junior ?
The well-known Italian label needs no introduction. We love the way Armani mixes style and sport at the same time.

Scotch & Soda

Scotch & Soda livens our wardrobes up by taking classical, vintage styles and reinventing them using influences from around the world. The brand, principally for adults, comes from Amsterdam and gives free rein to its skilled, inspirational designers; they have taken two signature looks from the adult line and created the collections in minature, «Scotch Shrunk», Scotch & Soda boys, and «Scotch R’Belle», Scotch & Soda girls. An ode to large spaces, bohemian and casual spirits: a must-have!

Why have we chosen Scotch & Soda ?
Scotch & Soda, from Holland, is the newest label to our shop. We love the originality of the fashionable clothing and they even have a huge range of children's jeans!


Thermal underwear is the first layer next to your child’s skin so it’s important that everyone is as comfortable as possible, which is why we stock 3 different brands

Logo Icebreaker

Natural thermals. Icebreaker uses original Merino sheep wool from New Zealand to make their clothing. Merino is quick dry, breathable, odour resistant (it doesn’t need to be washed too often), keeps you warm even when wet, and is made from natural and renewable fibres…

Logo Odlo

Synthetic thermals. Contrary to popular belief, synthetics do not release odours during physical effort thanks to the Effect fibre by Odlo that contains odour resistant silver ions.

Logo Falke

The Falke Ergonomic Sport System combines practicality and style to allow you to move in harmony with your outfit and feel good.

Logo Petit Bateau

With its unique, top-secret cotton, Petit Bateau has a fantastic reputation for children’s undergarments

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